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Welcome to Lekker Gezellig Dive Resort Manado, your premier destination for an extraordinary diving experience in the heart of Bunaken National Park, North Sulawesi. 



Lekker Gezellig Dive Resort Manado is the brainchild of Changli, a local from the Tongkaina area, who envisioned a sanctuary where guests could immerse themselves in the beauty of North Sulawesi.


With a commitment to sustainable tourism and preserving marine ecosystems, we provide a unique combination of comfort and adventure for our guests.

Our tranquil, green oasis offers a perfect blend of luxury accommodation and direct acces to the region's natural wonders.



Indulge in comfort and privacy in our thoughtfully designed accommodations, each featuring a private bathroom with a refreshing shower, airco and an extra fan. Whether you choose a cozy bungalow or a more spacious villa, you'll enjoy modern amenities and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.




Nestled amidst the lush mangrove forests of Bunaken National Park, Lekker Gezellig resort boasts a prime location that invites you to explore the region's rich biodiversity.

Cross our bamboo bridge and wander through the enchanting mangrove trees to reach our private jetty, where your aquatic adventures await.



Observe the diverse array of bird species that inhabit the unique mangrove ecosystem.

Tarsiers and birds you can spot directly at the resort, strolling across the bamboo bridge or from the restaurant, the garden and your own balcony.



Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking sunsets that paint the skies above our resort each evening. With panoramic views of the horizon, our resort provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing and unwinding after a day of adventure.



Savor the flavors of North Sulawesi with our culinary offerings. Based on local ingredients our chef cook prepares traditional recipes as well as european/western style food; freshly caught seafood but also delicious vegetable, vegetarian or vegan dishes.

In our bar we serve a large variety of drinks, from soft drinks and beer to fresh juices and cocktails.



At Lekker Gezellig Resort Manado, we are dedicated to supporting the local community and preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. Through sustainable practices and community initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact that extends beyond our resort.



Bungalows are not only provided with airconditioning; on your own balcony you have an extra fan so that you can always 'keep it cool' when you're relaxing and enjoying the view. Or take a seat (and a drink/snack) at our restaurant/bar.

You can swim and snorkel in the sea directly from the bamboo bridge (at high tide).




Diving and snorkeling

Encounter colorful coral reefs, majestic sea turtles, and an array of exotic fish species as you explore the crystal-clear waters of the park. Discover the vibrant underwater world of Bunaken National Park with our expert (dive) guides leading you on unforgettable diving and snorkeling excursions or on a dolphin tour.  Most dive sites are no more than 15 minutes away from the resort; there is even a dive site right in front of our resort.

Lekker Gezellig offers a fully serviced dive experience and works only with experienced, PADI Dive Master certified, local dive guides. At the resort you can easily and safely clean and store your own diving gear or rent well-maintained equipment (Aqualung). 

Nature and culture exploration

In addition to our (under)water adventures, Lekker Gezellig offers opportunities for land-based exploration (e.g., Minahassa highland tour, Tangkoko tour). Take a walk through the hills and forests, climb a vulcano, take a shower in - or just watch- beautiful waterfalls, and observe birds (Hornbill, Maleo) , monkeys (Tarsiers, Black Macaque) and other species (e.g., babi hutan). 

Visit local villages, markets, lakes (Linow, Tondano) or get introduced to Manado city.

Other activities

Very close to Lekker Gezellig you can also enjoy activities like paragliding (Tumpa) or ziplining (Tongkaina).



Whether you're seeking adrenaline-fueled dives or tranquil moments in nature, our resort offers an experience like no other.

Ready to embark on your adventure at Lekker Gezellig Resort Manado?


Contact us today to book your stay!

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Tel: 0031-6-21274578

Jln Tongkaina, Tongkaina, Bunaken, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

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